As an American, I appreciate Linda Yellen's emphatic proclamation to never again work with Vanessa Redgrave (Film Clips, "Redgrave's Boycott Bites Back," by Jack Mathews, April 18).

But Yellen must have been living in never-never land too long. She cast Redgrave in "Playing for Time" to, God help us, play a Jewess!!! Yellen cast Redgrave as Renee Richards in "Second Serve." Yellen is apparently very hard to convince. Or perhaps, too long on the wrong side.

While Redgrave calling for a boycott of Israel, dancing with the PLO, rifle overhead, burning the American flag and suing the Boston Symphony (with, sorrowfully, help from American Actors Equity) . . . she was depositing plenty of good old terrible American dollars, which she could hardly do in England.

Where, please, was Miss Yellen during all of this??

It is Redgrave who should be boycotted, for the political madhouse in which she lives.


Beverly Hills

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