Credit to Architect

In your article, "Perino's Opens Again with New Management," (April 13), there was one blatant omission:

Architect Stewart L. Chayes redesigned Perino's in the spring of 1970. Mr. Chayes was employed by Francis J. Esgro. It was Chayes who added the Strass crystal chandeliers, and it was he who developed the theme of understated elegance in the soft peach brocade wall coverings (and) the more restrained lighting. He brought in the antique Savonnerie rugs, installed the octagonal parquet foyer and designed the floral stained-glass entry door.

The excellence of the food at Perino's remained a constant through the years. However, I believe that this particular portion of Perino's history created the image and ambiance to which a great many of us relate to this day.

Mr. Chayes died in September, 1985. I feel he is due this credit.


Los Angeles

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