KNBC-TV Channel 4 and KHJ-TV Channel 9 emerged with top honors at the 38th annual Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards presented Saturday by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at the Beverly Wilshire.

The “Channel 4 News” accounted for seven of the station’s 12 Emmys, including selections for best daily news program, spot news (same-day breaking story), news reporting, investigative reporting and live coverage of an unscheduled news event.

KHJ led the independent stations with eight awards, its highest total ever. The station earned statuettes for “Camera Nine” as best information series, “Taking the High Out of High School,” a children/youth special on drug abuse, “The Open-Air Asylum,” an information program about the homeless on Skid Row and “Our Children: The Next Generation,” a news special on gangs.

KCBS-TV Channel 2, with three of nine awards going to the mini-documentary “Vietnam: Ten Years After,” narrowly edged KABC-TV Channel 7 and KCET Channel 28, which were tied with seven apiece.


Among the other independent stations, KTTV Channel 11 collected three Emmys, KLCS-TV Channel 58 won two for its educational series “Homework Hotline” and Orange County public TV station KOCE-TV Channel 50 got one. Neither KTLA Channel 5 nor KCOP Channel 13 received an award.

KCBS anchorman and commentator Bill Stout accepted a special Emmy from the academy’s board of governors for his distinguished 36-year broadcasting career in Los Angeles. However, Stout, who had won in 1984 and 1985 for his commentaries, saw KNBC’s Jack Perkins take this year’s prize for commentary.

Awards for best public affairs series went to “Headlines on Trial” and “KCET Journal” among network and independent stations, respectively.

KCBS’s “Friday at Sunset” was chosen the top entertainment series on a network station while two KCET programs, “Carl Reiner’s the Light Stuff” and “Penn & Teller Go Public,” finished in a tie as best entertainment special among independents.


In the battle of local magazine shows, “Eye on L.A.” walked off with four awards. “2 on the Town,” which will celebrate its 1,500th telecast tonight, won twice and was chosen best information series on network stations.

Here are the Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards:

Information Special: “One Day in America: Eye on L.A.,” KABC-TV (network station). “The Open-Air Asylum,” KHJ-TV (independent station).

Information Series: “2 on the Town,” KCBS-TV (network station). “Camera Nine,” KHJ-TV (independent station).

Public Affairs Special: “AIDS: 2 on the Town,” KCBS-TV (network station). “The Silent Sin,” KHJ-TV (independent station).

Public Affairs Series: “Headlines on Trial,” KNBC-TV (network station). “KCET Journal,” KCET (independent station).

Regularly Scheduled Daily News Program: “Channel 4 News,” KNBC-TV.

Entertainment Special: “Time Capsule Special: Eye on L.A.,” KABC-TV (network station). “Carl Reiner’s The Light Stuff” and “Penn & Teller Go Public,” KCET (independent station).


Entertainment Series: “Friday at Sunset,” KCBS-TV (network station).

Children/Youth Special: “More Dinosaurs,” KABC-TV (network station). “Taking the High Out of High School,” KHJ-TV (independent station).

Children/Youth Series: “Hot! Sundae,” KNBC-TV (network station). “Have You Ever Wondered?,” KTTV (independent station).

News Special: “Our Children: The Next Generation,” KHJ-TV.

Sports Special: “The ’55 Brooklyn Dodgers,” KTTV.

Sports Series: “Sunday Night Sports With Fred Roggin,” KNBC-TV.

Special Events: “26th Annual Christmas Music Program,” KCET.

Instructional Special: “The Story of a News Story,” KOCE-TV.


Instructional Series: “Homework Hotline,” KLCS-TV.

Feature Segments: “Taxi Dancers: Eye on L.A.,” KABC-TV.

Information Segments: “Jimmy Doyle: Shattered Dreams,” KNBC-TV.

Public Access/Local Origination: “Trouble in Paradise: A Look at L.A.'s Homeless,” Heritage.

Live Coverage of an Unscheduled News Event: “Baldwin Hills Fire,” KNBC-TV.

Mini-Documentaries: “Vietmam: Ten Years After,” KCBS-TV.

Investigative Reporting: “Duty to Defend: News 4 L.A.,” KNBC-TV.

Spot News, Same-Day Breaking Story: “Walk-In Killer Arrest: Channel 4 News,” KNBC-TV.

News Reporting: “Baldwin Hills Fire Special Report: Channel 4 News,” KNBC-TV.

Sports Reporting: “Tots in Training: Channel 2 News,” KCBS-TV.

Feature Reporting: “The 30-Second Hook: Channel 2 News,” KCBS-TV.

News Commentary: Jack Perkins, “Drugs on TV,” KNBC-TV.

Hosts/Moderators, Specials: John and Tom Ritter, “Superfest ’85,” KCET.

Hosts/Moderators, Series: Meredith MacRae, Geoff Edwards, “Midmorning L.A.,” KHJ-TV.

Performers: Penn Jillette, Teller, “Penn & Teller Go Public,” KCET.

Camera Crew, Hard News: “Vietnam: Ten Years After,” KCBS-TV.

Camera Crew, News Features: “California Get-Aways: Ten O’Clock News,” KTTV.

Camera Crew, Non-News: “India: 2 on the Town,” KCBS-TV.

Director, Edited Programs: Philip Reeder, “The Open-Air Asylum,” KHJ-TV.

Director, Unedited Programs: Christopher Stegner, “Nine O’Clock News,” KHJ-TV.

Film/Tape Editor, Hard News Programs: Sergio Lelevier, “Farmworkers: The Endless Struggle: Channel 4 News,” KNBC-TV.

Film/Tape Editor, News Features: Steve Pomerantz, “The Bicycle Boom: Channel 4 News,” KNBC-TV.

Film/Tape Editor, Non-News Programs: Jonathan E. Moser, “30 Years of ‘Eye on L.A.,’ ” KABC-TV.

News Writer: Peggy Holter, “Vietnam: Ten Years After--The Veterans,” KCBS-TV.

Non-News Writer: Lou De Costa, “Local Heroes: LAFD,” KABC-TV.

Special Class, Program Area: “Local Heroes: LAFD,” KABC-TV.

Creative Technical Crafts: “Arts Illustrated,” KCET, and “Homework Hotline,” KLCS-TV.

Governors Award: Bill Stout, KCBS-TV.