LaRussa Stays as Manager, a Contrite Harrelson Says

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Tony LaRussa was retained Friday as manager of the Chicago White Sox and will have more freedom to call the shots without interference from Ken (Hawk) Harrelson, chief of the team’s baseball operations.

“Tony LaRussa is going to remain the manager of the ballclub with a couple of modifications,” Harrelson said at a news conference. “If there have been any mistakes made, I made them.”

LaRussa said: “I’m going to get my shot and do it the way I do it.”

Martin, asked if he thought he would get the Chicago job, said: “Yeah, I did. I thought it was just a matter of Eddie (Sapir, his attorney) getting up there to Chicago. It’s not the dollars so much. I want to know who I’m dealing with. Fifteen years ago, when I was young and eager to manage, maybe so. But I’m not so eager to manage.


“The one thing I’ve been looking for in baseball is security. I have a guy (Yankee owner George Steinbrenner) who has given me that.”