Thousand Oaks Arts Center to Be Debated

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Supporters and opponents of Measure C, the Thousand Oaks ballot question on building a $22.3-million regional performing arts center with city redevelopment funds, have agreed to hold a public debate.

The two sides will meet at 7:30 p.m., May 30, in the Thousand Oaks City Council chambers. The event will be broadcast on Storer Cable’s Channel 8 in Ventura County.

The confrontation will probably provide the only face-to-face meeting of supporters and critics of Measure C before the June 3 voting on the advisory question.


The debate will feature two speakers for each side, a moderator and four questioners from the news media.

Frances Prince, a former Thousand Oaks mayor, and Virginia Davis, a former city planning commissioner, will speak on behalf of the For Measure C Committee. Opponents will be represented by two community activists--Richard D. Booker, president of the Thousand Oaks Taxpayers Assn., and Jack Rudd, president of the Committee Against Tax Supported Culture.