United Way: 'Need Goes On'

The recent articles on the United Way's use of funds has done a great disservice to the public of Los Angeles and the agencies supported by the United Way. A disclosure in a constructive way to key United Way board members would have resulted in immediate corrective action.

The impact of these articles has been to severely curtail United Way's fund-raising capabilities since many contributors are withdrawing their pledges of financial support.

The real tragedy is the catastrophic effect the articles will have on the recipients of these pledges--the social service agencies so vitally needed by this community. If United Way doesn't succeed in raising more money for these agencies, their vital services cannot be performed.

I am concerned that The Times articles will have the long-term consequence of shaking the public's confidence in the United Way and could prove to be devastating to the community agencies.

We urgently need to restore the public's confidence in the United Way and rally around it in order to support the needs of our community.


Los Angeles

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