The 67th annual commencement ceremony was held Sunday morning in Drake Stadium.

Degrees: 4,730 diplomas awarded, including 805 graduate degrees.

Speakers: Charles E. Young, UCLA Chancellor, delivered The Farewell to Graduates saying: "As you leave the university, remember that you are united by a common bond of hopes and experiences. You and all of us share an almost overwhelming desire to venture beyond our surroundings and to dare to succeed. Thus, in striving to meet your challenges, none of you will ever really be alone. You will carry with you the hopes and dreams of your professors, fellow students, families and friends." Also addressing the graduates was Daniel Weiner, bachelor of arts candidate in communication studies, who spoke on the topic of the importance of education.

Honorary Degrees:

Robert Howard Ahmanson, first vice president of Home Savings of America and president and trustee of the Ahmanson Foundation, The UCLA Medal: "(He) has spent countless hours of service benefiting the artistic, scientific and educational institutions of Los Angeles."

Dr. John Hope Franklin, James B. Duke professor emeritus of history at Duke University, author and historian, The UCLA Medal: ". . . His 45 year career has been highlighted by a variety of impressive achievements . . . He has long been considered one of the nation's preeminent historians and has been a pioneer in Afro-American history."

Dr. William W. Melnitz, professor and founding dean emeritus of UCLA's College of Fine Arts, The UCLA Medal: ". . . A man who's actions are even more impressive than his words. . . . For his dynamic leadership and unwavering dedication to the advancement of theater arts at UCLA."

Dr. Robert Bruce Merrifield, 1984 Nobel Prize-winning biochemistry professor of New York's Rockefeller University, The UCLA Medal: "Applauded for many scientific breakthroughs . . . in honor of his monumental contributions to science, our nation and the world."

Toshiro Mifune, Japanese film actor and producer, The UCLA Medal: "For his extraordinary achievements and dedication to perfection in the world of films . . . for helping to increase America's awareness and appreciation of Japanese culture."

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