Southern Mississippi Football Player Dies After Collapsing With Leg Cramps

Associated Press

University of Southern Mississippi fullback Eric Sorey of Campbellton, Fla., collapsed with leg cramps in Saturday morning practices and died several hours later at Methodist Hospital.

University clinic Director Boyd Kellett said Sorey, 21, was treated at the practice field and taken to the university clinic, where he was evaluated and treatment began.

When his condition did not improve, he was taken to the hospital.

On the way, Sorey collapsed. Kellett said that he was found to be in cardiac arrest and treatment was started at the hospital's emergency room. A medical team spent more than two hours trying to revive him.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after 6 p.m. Officials said no cause of death has been determined.

Sorey, 5-9 and 200 pounds, was in his second year at the university. Sorey was listed as a redshirt freshman on the team because he did not play last year.

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