Agran and Irvine Majority

In response to Irvine resident Louis Fridhandler’s letter (Aug. 17) praising Irvine Mayor Larry Agran, I feel Fridhandler deludes your readers into thinking Mayor Agran speaks for the majority and “the saner heads” of Irvine’s 80,000 residents. It is not only unfair, but untrue. I live in Irvine and I didn’t vote for Larry Agran, and I’m not alone, as it seems that out of 50,000 registered voters, he received 11,506 votes.

The silent majority of Irvine is heaving some pretty heavy sighs over the latest rhetoric of our City Council-elected mayor. He is indeed an interesting and intelligent man, but his politics run counter to many of the reasons many of us relocated our homes and businesses here.

Our major landowner, the Irvine Co., is not what anyone could intelligently call a “take the profits and run” developer. It carefully planned this whole area and attracted all of us to move here in the first place. It also set a high standard for other large independent developers in our area, and I for one am tired of hearing what “big bad guys” they are. We do need to keep a check and balance on the development of our city, but Irvine isn’t an island, and we all knew that when we moved here.

We must be responsible for our city, but we must also be aware of our position in the county and not be paranoid or intractable in working out a solution to traffic and growth.