Sex & the Single Christian: Candid Conversations, edited by Barry Colman (Regal Books: $6.95; GLINT, P.O. Box 6688, Ventura, Calif. 93006).

Perhaps to counteract a nothing-sacred trend, this book, structured as a symposium of interviews with “Christian leaders,” tries to put the subject of sex in a traditional Christian perspective.

Premarital and marital sex, dating, homosexuality, contraception and celibacy are the main categories. Premarital sex is not condoned; the respondents concur that there first must be the commitment and formality of marriage before sex. Dr. Beverly LaHaye recommends early marriage and short engagements.

Homosexuality is treated with compassion and tolerance, but not acceptance or “close fellowship,” because it’s necessary to separate the homosexual--"a person God loves"--from the act. Contraception is generally accepted.