Stout Bruin Pass Defense Takes Them to No. 1


Poor Oklahoma. The No. 11 Sooners ran up against a nearly impregnable UCLA pass defense Saturday, completing just 1 of 7 passes for a measly nine yards. After the battering the Sooners absorbed, it’s a good thing they have this week off.

No. 2 Ohio State, meanwhile, was still smarting over its opening loss to Alabama, but Mike Harden of the Columbus Dispatch took the positive approach. He pointed out that Buckeye Coach Earle Bruce clearly dominated the Tide’s Ray Perkins in one department: Girth.

In a column that drew numerous pro and con letters, Harden wrote: “I have to believe that somewhere in Manhattan or Topeka or Bakersfield, someone else (watching television) was saying, ‘Good Lord, Eunice, come in here and get a look at the pot on this coach,’ ” Harden wrote. Bruce, somewhat exercised over the piece, observed: “There are some cruel people in the world.”


The Rankings:

Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. UCLA (0-1) 3-38, Oklahoma Recovering 2. Ohio State (0-1) Idle Washington 3. Colorado (0-1) 7-23, Colorado St. Oregon 4. S. Carolina (0-2) 20-30, Virginia W. Carolina 5. Pitt (0-1) Idle N.C. State 6. Syracuse (0-1) 17-24, Miss. State Army 7. B.C. (0-1) 9-11, Rutgers Cal 8. Notre Dame(0-0) Still Idle! Michigan 9. USC (0-0) Still Idle! Illinois 10. Florida (1-1) 15-23, Miami(Fla.) Idle

11. Oklahoma (1-0); 12. Tie between Cal State Disneyland (0-2) and Cal State Spruce Goose (0-1); 14. Northwestern (0-1); 15. Missouri (0-0); 16. Florida State (1-1); 17. Pentagon--Army, Navy, L.A. Raider backfield, Air Force (2-1); 18. Vanderbilt (0-1); 19. Houston (0-1) ; 20. Oregon State (0-0), not Oregon (1-0).

ROUT OF THE WEEK: Washington (0-0) over Ohio State (0-1).


CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Cal (0-0) at Boston College (0-1).

QUOTEBOOK: Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden, asked how he prepares on the day of a game: “I sleep--so I won’t go to sleep during the game.”


Buddy Ryan, coach of No. 1 Philadelphia, was desperately searching for a defensive genius after the Beagles’ opening 14-41 rout by Washington. He could even probably use someone else’s 300-pound wasted draft choice, too.


Defense also failed No. 2 Miami (Fla.) as well as the No. 4 Raiders, the latter losing on a seven-yard touchdown pass to the Broncos’ Gene (Howie) Lang.

Meanwhile, bashful No. 6 Minnesota still won’t be seen outdoors. The Vikes, who fell to Detroit, 10-13, in the Metrodome, have played all five of their league and exhibition games in indoor arenas.

Elsewhere, the Rams wanted to win their opener against No. 9 St. Louis in the worst way. And that’s just how they did it.

In the broadcast booth, CBS rookie Joe Theismann was red-dogged repeatedly by partner Jack Buck, who cut down Theismann in mid-story at least half a dozen times. Theismann was said to be resting comfortably.


The Rankings:

Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. Philadelphia (0-1) 14-41, Washngtn Chicago 2. Miami (Fla.) (0-1) 28-50, San Diego Indianapolis 3. Pitt (0-1) 0-30, Seattle Denver 4. Evil Empire (0-1) 36-38, Denver Washington 5. Indianapolis (0-1) 3-33, Nw Englnd Miami

6.-8. (Tie) The Bays and the Team of Ten Thousand Lakes (all 0-1); 9. St. Louis (0-1); 10. N.J. Giants (0-1).

CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Indianapolis (0-1) at Miami (Fla.) (0-1).


ROUT OF THE WEEK: Dallas (1-0) over Detroit (1-0) (Tony Dorsett’s jersey will be retired at halftime).

QUOTEBOOK: CBS broadcaster Jack Buck, as Ram Coach John Robinson was signaling for a timeout: “John Robinson wants a commercial.”