Reagan Consults Nixon on Dealing With Daniloff Case

United Press International

President Reagan asked Richard M. Nixon's advice on dealing with the Soviet arrest of reporter Nicholas Daniloff, a senior official said today, but denied there are plans for the former President to be an intermediary in the case.

White House spokesman Larry Speakes, responding to questions about a CBS report that Reagan had asked Nixon, who was forced out of office in the Watergate scandal, to intervene with the Soviets on Daniloff's behalf, told reporters simply, "The President does confer with President Nixon from time to time."

The senior official, who requested anonymity, confirmed Reagan had discussed the Daniloff case with Nixon--whose foreign policy included a period of detente with the Kremlin--but denied any plan "to give Nixon a role as intermediary."

Daniloff, correspondent for U.S. News and World Report, was seized Aug. 30 in Moscow and charged with espionage.

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