You'd expect a video for New World's "Soul Man," due out Oct. 24, since the comedy's title tune is the R&B; classic by Sam and Dave. But how did exec producer Steve Tisch get Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd to appear in cameos--for free--lip-synching the song?

Turns out Willis is a buddy, and "did it for friendship," Tisch said. "Not only that, he wrote in Cybill for us."

Their segment was shot in Willis' office, where he dons his ultra-cool shades and grabs the mike, with Shepherd (in sneakers, of course) dancing and wailing to the beat.

Others synchers rounded up by Tisch: the movie's co-stars Rae Dawn Chong and C. Thomas Howell; Ron Reagan Jr. (a preppie in the pic; a beached-out surfer in the video), George Segal (with banjo), Jamie Farr, boxer Ray (Boom Boom) Mancini and . . . Gumby.

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