Promoter Don King wants another "Victory": He told us that he's met with Michael Jackson about, among other things, leftover lawsuits from the troubled 1984 Jackson concert tour, a video of the historic trek--and the possibility of reuniting the Jacksons for a repeat performance. Oh, and he told us that the six bros picked up $10 million each the first time around.

"Michael has absolute control over editing and releasing a concert video," King said. "If he doesn't want it to released, it won't be. The Jacksons need to tour again too and make the media know what a great family they are. People think Michael's strange now because he's sleeping in a tank and Jermaine's weird because he's painting his fences funny colors. We all know Jackie's weird, but that's another story," he joked.

King's also trying to get Michael to do a feature film but it's not easy: "Before you can make a request, he's got a bunch of people already telling him why he shouldn't do it." (Michael's reps wouldn't comment on the King-sized comments.)

Meanwhile, the promoter's still negotiating with Robert Conrad and Sly Stallone for a three-round charity boxing match. Said King: "They both have big enough egos so they won't have a hard time hitting each other. This could only happen in America."

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