Mr. Clutch Didn't Get Much Help

When Magic Johnson and Byron Scott combined for 79 points Tuesday night against the Sacramento Kings, Chick Hearn guessed that it was the most points ever scored by two Laker guards in one game.

The next day, one of The Times staffers said, "Hey, how about the night Jerry West scored 63 points? Wasn't the other guard Hot Rod Hundley? He could score a few?"

So they looked it up. The game was Jan. 17, 1962, and the Lakers beat the New York Knicks, 129-121. Hundley indeed was the other guard, but he didn't score a few. He didn't score, period.

That's right, zero.

How do the coaches who played both teams view the Fiesta Bowl showdown between Miami and Penn State?

Dave Currey (Cincinnati): "They're both great teams--one you'd date and the other you'd marry."

Don Nehlen (West Virginia): "One strangles you quick, the other slow, but the outcome is always the same--death."

Add Currey: He said he was sorry, but he wouldn't be watching the game on television.

"I'm going to be out recruiting," he said. "I've got to play them both next year and again the year after that."

Add Miami: The Hurricanes lost to Tennessee, 35-7, in last season's Sugar Bowl, and Vol linebacker Kelly Ziegler was asked how they did it.

"The first thing to do is stop the running game and make them pass," he said. "Then get after Testaverde quick. If you don't he can pick you apart.

"We relied on schemes, disguising our defense. I think we confused him a bit. By the third quarter he had this tired look in his eyes, like he'd rather be somewhere else."

Trivia Time: Clemson returns to the Gator Bowl Saturday for the first time since 1978, when Danny Ford made his head coaching debut for the Tigers in the bowl game against Ohio State. How did he get the job? (Answer below.)

Add Clemson: Michael Perry, 6-2, 270-pound defensive tackle for the Tigers, is a brother of William Perry of the Chicago Bears.

Asked his favorite players, Michael overlooked The Fridge and said: "I'd pick guys like Richard Dent, Lawrence Taylor and Andre Tippett. I like their style. They're all good pass rushers who play good, hard-nosed football, the type of player I'd like to be recognized as."

People often confuse Michael with William, but Michael says: "I don't see how they can. I'm better looking."

There are eight brothers altogether, and Clemson defensive coordinator Tom Harper says, "I've never met a Perry I didn't like."

Said Reggie Jackson, after signing again to play with the Oakland A's: "This is a place with some warmth, some feeling. With the Angels last year, I was unwanted in spring training. I don't want to knock them, but it's hard knowing that you're not wanted, that whatever you do is not good enough."

Trivia Answer: He took over from Charlie Pell who earlier in the month had been named the new head coach at Florida.

Note: In the game, Clemson beat Ohio State, 17-15. It turned out to be the last game of Woody Hayes' coaching career. In the fourth quarter he had slugged Clemson's Charlie Bauman after the linebacker intercepted a pass by Art Schlichter. He was fired the next day.


UCLA guard Pooh Richardson, on his playmaking talents: "In junior high, I was a gunner. I remember scoring 46 points in a game. In high school I started passing the ball. My cousin was on the team. I had to pass him the ball or he'd get mad."

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