As Some Exalt With Cup Fever, Others, Well. . . : At Diego’s They Danced <i> and</i> Watched the Cup

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It was a night of boating and boogeying at Diego’s in Pacific Beach.

When ESPN showed people at the San Diego Yacht Club screaming and cheering, folks watching on television at the trendy disco were not to be outdone.

And there was a lot more dancing at Diego’s.

When Dennis Conner and Stars & Stripes recaptured the America’s Cup early Wednesday, people on the dance floor high-fived while jumping up and down.

Television viewers whistled. Tim Milse jumped on a chair and waved his fist in the air.

“All right . . . Yeah . . . We got the Cup back.”

Moments after Conner’s victory, “Victory” by Kool & The Gang was played.

“It wasn’t planned,” disc jockey Dan Whitney said. “You’re right. It does seem kind of appropriate. You can say I had it planned.”


The race was shown on a big-screen television in the bar and on five small sets, two in the bar and three in the dance area.

Most people were there to dance and drink $1 margaritas. But while buying drinks, dancers would glance at the television screen and let out a hoot or holler when they saw how far ahead Conner was.

“I’m really into it,” said Kay Bourbiel, 21, of San Diego. “This is huge.”

Rick Ridgeway and Gregor McLeod have been interested in the America’s Cup since they visited Perth with the Navy last July.

“They have a great attitude over there,” McLeod said. “They let you see the Cup. It’s not like in New York where you couldn’t see it. They have more fun.”

Many people at Diego’s didn’t know a tack from a jibe, but they were still caught up in the Cup. Bourbiel admitted that her interest in yachting began only a few weeks ago.

“The only thing I knew was that it is real expensive,” Bourbiel said.

Some wondered what all the fuss was about.

“I work downtown with attorneys and I haven’t heard much about it,” said Susie Swan of San Diego.


Ridgeway said: “In 1983, the Aussies had the better boat. Now Conner has the better boat and he’s a better sailor.”