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Quiet Riot, the L.A. crunch-rock band who rose to national prominence in 1983 with the LP "Metal Health," announced Monday it is "firing" lead singer Kevin DuBrow, who founded the band several years before. The announcement of DuBrow's forced departure called the split "not amicable" and added, "Everyone has finally gotten fed up with the friction and embarrassing conditions they found themselves in because of Kevin." DuBrow called the firing "the work of a few disgruntled band members," and added, "It'll be up to the fans to decide whether there really is a Quiet Riot without me. The other guys can try to use the name, but it'll never be the band the fans remember." Both DuBrow and the band members said there will be a legal battle over the "firing" and the use of the band's name in future efforts by the three remaining members.

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