City Clerk Has Incumbent's Edge

Why are the taxpayers of Redondo Beach forced to support the city clerk's reelection by financing public notices, sample ballots and absentee voter materials, all of which feature the city clerk's name in large, boldface print? Does anyone doubt that the needs of the citizens would be more than adequately fulfilled by omitting the city clerk's name and simply printing "Office of the City Clerk" instead?

The clerk's name exposure is so overwhelming that it makes a truly fair election impossible. In addition, the substantial conflict of interest arising from the city clerk's duties as election officer, overseeing his own election, ensures that no challenger has a reasonable chance of victory. It is no surprise that the previous Redondo city clerk retired after 32 years in office.

If the mayor and council members have any desire to provide the citizens of Redondo Beach with a fair election in the city clerk's race, they could easily vote the necessary ordinances.

But don't hold your breath.

Roger A. Evans

Redondo Beach

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