Irwindale : Curbs on Waste Plants Urged

Assemblywoman Sally Tanner (D-El Monte) has introduced two bills aimed at imposing tougher requirements on the licensing of waste-to-energy plants, such as a controversial facility proposed by Pacific Waste Management Corp. for Irwindale.

The bills, introduced in tandem, would establish similar licensing requirements for plants regardless of size.

One provision would require the Energy Commission to consider whether the electricity produced at the large facilities is needed by the state's utilities. The most recent report from the Energy Commission shows an oversupply of electricity in California.

Another would require that at least half the trash burned at any incinerator come from the area in which the plant is located. So far, Pacific Waste has contracted with only one trash hauler and the company is located in the South Bay. Under the new law, at least half of the Irwindale plant's trash supply would have to come from the San Gabriel and Pomona valleys.

Tanner also is seeking to require waste plants to remove recyclable materials and hazardous waste which could produce toxic air pollution.

Earlier this year, Tanner introduced three bills to curb waste-to-energy plants in the San Gabriel Valley. None of her bills have been scheduled for a hearing.

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