No Support for Woolard

Considering ex-planning commissioner Bill La Perch's record, I fail to understand how Councilman John Galloway could nominate him to the Moorpark City Council.

La Perch has been appealing to the citizens of Moorpark to stand behind Danny Woolard in his time of need. How could anyone suggest such support for an admitted thief, a liar, a convicted felon, a drug addict, a protector of drug pushers, a self-described taker of bribes, a cheat, a violator of civic trust, a criminal who has admitted to stealing from the U. S. government and its citizens, who then pleaded innocent and denied any wrongdoing, who, when convicted anyway, dragged in some of the most respected people in our and neighboring communities to take the heat off of himself? He is constantly trying to destroy his friend, the best mayor this town has ever had. While pretending to help the city of Moorpark and its citizens, he is hurting and humiliating the city and its people, whom he has raped.

Woolard has made Moorpark infamous throughout the United States with false charges of corruption in city government. (Unfortunately, his daily admissions of his own corruption while on the City Council has validated his claims of corruption in Moorpark government).

If Woolard had used the adrenalin, effort, work and ingenuity to better Moorpark when he was on the council that he is now using to hurt the city, its people and mayor, we would all be far better off today.

Why can't Galloway and La Perch show such support for our honorable mayor instead of shameful ex-Councilman Woolard?



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