I am sure that anyone who has driven the Ventura Freeway during the daytime recently, between Toluca Lake and Woodland Hills, has noted a horrible increase in traffic congestion. Considering this, one must shudder when thinking about the impending nightmare that will be caused by the daytime freeway construction planned to begin this summer.

The freeway planners argue that daytime construction is essential due to the increase in nighttime drunk drivers and because of union resistance to nighttime work. My position is that the welfare of a majority of the public should always take priority, which calls for any sane and sensible way that said work may be done during evening hours.

What is most surprising to me is all the common sense suggestions I have heard that seem to be passed over without fair consideration. To implement nighttime construction how about: (1) expanding police patrol and control along the work route at night, (2) lower the speed limit along the stretch at night, (3) utilize non-union and/or detention camp workers as a supplement, (4) if necessary, postpone the starting date and/or completion date to implement these changes, (5) create other solutions.

If the present freeway planners are uncapable or unwilling to appreciate the magnitude of the threat of daytime construction to the welfare of the public they serve in the San Fernando Valley, I say we need to consider taking the job out of their hands and placing it in more responsible administrators before it is too late.


Woodland Hills

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