The Need for Builders' Signs : On the Killing of 18 Cougars

The View section recently had a story of a retired Santa Ana dentist (Perry Davis) who has managed to kill 18 cougars, a dozen bobcats too, and from his photo seems proud of it.

He admits that it was the excitement of the hunt more than the kill that kept him interested. So why didn't he stop with the treeing of the unfortunate animal?

I've hunted a time or two myself and admit its enjoyment, but I've never had a mind to go after anything other than pheasant or rabbits. I would never kill a cougar or a bear or a mountain goat and certainly not kill for trophy.

It's too bad that these animals could not shoot back. And it would have been a more manly hunt without dogs. Perhaps God will quiz Davis and his pal, Leo F. Douglass. Even better, Davis and Douglass should return to this planet as cougars or bobcats.


Huntington Beach

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