The electric guitar may be the most overused instrument of the last three decades and so-called "garage-rock" bands are a dime a dozen these days. But Thin White Rope, a Davis, Calif., group that uses lots of guitar and is a garage band at heart, is emerging as one of the freshest new combos to arrive in quite a while. At Club Lingerie on Thursday, the quartet proved that its excellent new album, "Moonhead," is no fluke.

The band's fuzzy, often dissonant twin-guitar solos recall such diverse groups as Television and Spirit, as its material takes traditional forms and bends them into something unexpected, going from Western gallops to psychedelic dirges. In addition to being a distinctive guitarist, Guy Kyser has a quivering, raspy vocal style that crawls under the skin. Perched between inspired amateurism and that plateau where a group comes into its own distinct artistry, Thin White Rope is a band of the future worth watching right now.

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