Ron Jaworski in Town but Not for Raider Tryout, Then Again . . .

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski, the new free agent, arrived in town Wednesday but not, as a Philadelphia TV station claimed, to try out with the Raiders.

Jaworski checked into the Century Plaza, where the NFL Players Assn. is holding its convention, and announced he is here on union business.

The Raiders say he isn't scheduled for a workout.

However . . . Coach Tom Flores said that if he is in town, it might be nice if Jaworski stops by El Segundo. Jaworski, asked if he plans to contact the Raiders, said he would talk to his agent.

Jaworski, 36, was waived by the Eagles, who were obligated to notify him by March 1 whether they'd retain him--and pay his $600,000 salary--for another season. They chose not to and Jaworski has since cleared waivers.

"I guess I'm the first total free-agent quarterback who doesn't have a torn-up knee and a burned-out arm," Jaworski said. "I'm the first one who can sign without any compensation."

The Raiders have publicly shown only mild interest in Jaworski but at last week's league meetings, an NFL general manager said that privately, they seem intrigued.

They seem to be thinking of Jaworski only as a backup to Rusty Hilger. However, if they do sign Jaworski, it would suggest they're planning to unload Marc Wilson and Jim Plunkett or both.

The NFL general manager also suggested last week that the Green Bay Packers might be interested in Wilson, if the Raiders are willing to pay $400,000 of his guaranteed $1 million salary.

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