Anaheim : Man Sought in 3 Cities for Sex Fraud Arrested

A man who allegedly convinced several Orange County women they had a deadly disease--and that sex with him was the cure--is being held in county jail on suspicion of sexual fraud, police said Saturday.

Daniel K. Boro, 47, believed to be a Hawaii resident, had been sought by police in San Francisco and Honolulu on suspicion of using the same ruse in those cities, according to Lt. Jack Parra. He is being held in lieu of $220,000 bail on charges from those cities, as well as San Mateo, that include grand theft and inducing women to commit sexual acts by fraud.

According to Parra, Boro would telephone women at random, claiming that recent laboratory tests showed they had contracted a deadly blood disease.

After frightening the women, Boro then allegedly would claim that one of the few cures for this disease was sexual intercourse with him, Parra said. Boro claimed that his sperm "would be able to neutralize the blood disorder," Parra said. He said some women apparently paid a fee for this "cure," although he did not know how many had done so.

Anaheim police arrested Boro on Tuesday outside a local motel, Parra said.

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