Ban on Hunting Mountain Lions Ends

They have sent us men to match our mountain lions--ah, yes, and next they would have us believe that the "sport" of killing mountain lions is really a splendid form of euthanasia for poor animals tracked for days by teams of dogs and men in the territorial habitat to which the big cat is naturally bound. They would have us believe that splendid guns and splendid bullets "take" mountain lions in a "merciful kill."

What kind of dangerous game of "tag" is this in which the California Fish and Game Commission in a 3 to 2 vote authorized the tagging of mountain lions for eligibility into a trophy hunting club? And this "game" is not played with laser guns. These splendid guns have real sights and real bullets. They far exceed the death sighting of natural forces in which the big cat has lived. Ah, but the hunter's sight is on target and the trained eyes of the trophy hunters have the sights and vision beyond that of all the natural forces.

Such senseless authorization by three members of the Fish and Game Commission to "take" tagged mountain lions for the "sport of it" deserves careful testing and responses from answerable parties representing the will of the people. Is this decision by Fish and Game clearly the intent of our Sacramento legislators and governor? Will the decision stand up in court?

The Mountain Lion Coalition, P.O. Box 1896, Sacramento, CA, 95809, is deserving of our help in a cause which should stop this senseless killing by trophy hunters of the California mountain lion.


Hermosa Beach

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