Not to be mistaken for Film Comment, the Troma Times--official publication of Troma Inc. of NYC--has come out with its special Cannes edition.

Troma product being marketed at Cannes includes "Surf Nazis Must Die" (described as "a sensitive action film"), "Story of a Junkie" (sure "to find a vein with audiences"), "Demented Death Farm Massacre . . . The Movie," "Sizzle Beach, U.S.A," "I Was a Teenage TV Terrorist," "Curse of the Cannibal Confederates," "Deadly Daphne's Revenge" and "Lust for Freedom."

One Troma Times news item informs readers where three of its directors will be staying: "Like all major talent, the Troma directors will have luxurious accommodations at Cannes. They will each have their own sleeping bag and a clean towel to go with their choice sleeping locations on the Cannes beach, just steps away from the bustling Croisette."

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