TV Ministries' Tax Exemptions

Thomas is a perfect example of why we need to proliferate a better understanding in this country of our Constitution. The Constitution is not the rights of the people granted by government, it is the rights of government granted by the people.

Thus, Thomas is dead wrong when he says, "The fact is that tax exemption is a favor granted to religion by government . . ." The true fact is that the IRS is a favor granted by the people in the 16th Amendment of the Constitution.

Thomas also states that "the IRS ought to investigate all ministries that use television to raise large amounts of money," as he suspects that abuses will be found in a few of the others. Actually, I think it would be a far better idea if the ministries investigated the IRS in order to discover their abuses.

But alas, perhaps Thomas is correct. Perhaps we should have a constitutional convention and rewrite the First Amendment thusly:

"Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of the Internal Revenue Service, or prohibiting the unrestrained exercise thereof . . ."



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