Either Way, It's Racism and It Doesn't Go Away

Once again that chimera that will not die, that hideous beast that will not go away, has dragged its repulsive body into the Detroit Piston locker room. I am speaking, of course, of racism.

Dennis Rodman and Isiah Thomas say eight-time All-Pro and three-time MVP Larry Bird is overrated and receives all of his accolades only because of the color of his skin. I can dismiss Rodman's remarks as the peevish outburst of a feckless youth.

Thomas should know better. This is the man who was shaking his fist defiantly in the air after every basket he made in Game 2 while the game was still in the first half. Needless to say, he lived to regret his foolishness. He should be disappointed in himself for turning sure victory in Game 5 into defeat by throwing a pass which Mr. Overrated turned into a Celtic victory.

It is perhaps a shame that Thomas quit Indiana University after his sophomore year. The kid still has a lot to learn.


Santa Monica

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