Letters in VIEW : Profiles of 13 Victims of AIDS

I am a 16-year-old girl from Long Beach. I certainly have not lived long enough to judge anyone else's life style. But I had to write in to disagree when I read that Helen Kushnik (whose 3-year-old son died of AIDS) said: "It was clear to us then that AIDS was not a homosexual disease, but a virus. That mislabeling caused years of apathy on the part of the government and the public in the struggle against this deadly killer. We were killing in the name of morality."

Society is killing itself from lack of morality and responsibility. Research has proved that the only way to contract AIDS is through sexual contact or contaminated blood. The only thing the government owes the public is AIDS-free blood banks.

When are people going to be responsible enough to use condoms every time? When are people going to realize that morality does matter? Morality as far as putting a stop to promiscuity? Heterosexual or homosexual doesn't matter, but monogamy does. Why can't people be responsible and mature enough to stop bed-bouncing and commit themselves to one person?

As for my own age group, I never met a teen-age virgin who was the victim of sexually transmitted diseases.

Hey, society, monogamy is in, get it? This is one 16-year-old girl who would like very much to grow up with at least half the people I've met in high school still alive. Please grow up and aid my cause.


Long Beach

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