Paramount : Bilingual Plan OKd

The Paramount Unified School District board has unanimously passed an interim bilingual education plan that will expire January 1, 1988, when a new state plan is expected to be in effect. Paramount's interim plan leaves the tailoring of the curriculum up to individual schools.

The present state bilingual education plan is due to expire June 30. A bill passed by the Legislature this spring to replace it was vetoed by Gov. George Deukmejian, and the issue has "become a political football" in Sacramento, according to board member Shirley Elliott. "Everything they do in Sacramento, they forget it's going to affect the teachers and the students," she said.

The state plan that expires at the end of this month permits the use of "waivered teachers" who are studying toward a teaching credential but have not yet obtained it. "We're not sure what the requirements will be (when a new bill is passed by the Legislature)," said Katie Barak, district director of curriculum services, "but we're going to encourage the teachers to continue with their education."

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