Ueberroth Asks Edwards to Help Baseball Find Jobs for Minorities

Associated Press

Dr. Harry Edwards, a black sports sociologist, will be part of an effort by baseball to find jobs in the sport for black and Hispanic former players, Commissioner Peter Ueberroth said.

Ueberroth said Edwards will be involved in a project to identify blacks and Hispanics who have the potential to have new careers in baseball, but were not outstanding players.

The commissioner did not identify the types of jobs the project would be concerned with, but Edwards said from his home in Berkeley that he would attempt to establish a job bank of women and members of racial and ethnic minorities.

Ueberroth said Edwards would remain at the University of California, where he is an associate professor.

Ueberroth, interviewed after addressing the Associated Press Sports Editors Convention, said Edwards' task would include identifying former players for the job pool.

"Where are they? Who are they? Have they been given a chance? Can they be trained?" said Ueberroth. "That's the general direction we're going."

Edwards will serve as a special assistant to the commissioner.

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