While we fully support our colleagues who have been justificably upset about the colorizing of black-and-white movies, we feel that a much more prevalent problem has been overlooked.

That is, the black-and-whitizing of color movies.

Every day motion pictures which were clearly intended to be viewed in color are being watched on black-and-white televisions. And now with the advent of Sony Watchmans and other small portable televisions the problem is reaching epidemic proportions. A whole generation of young viewers will never experience contemporary classics in the form in which they were intended.

On this issue, we are proposing three possible solutions. The first is the encoding of all black-and-white televisions so they are automatically scrambled during a color program.

The second is the registration of all black-and-white televisions and the creation of a watchdog agency to investigate and prosecute chromatic crime.

And lastly, if neither of these two solutions is practical, we then propose the apprehension of all black-and-white televisions in private hands.



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