Downey Budget Up 4.26%, Calls for Cuts in Programs

The City Council unanimously approved a budget last week that calls for spending $42.29 million, a 4.26% increase over the $40.56 million Downey expects to spend this year.

The budget anticipates revenues of $41.55 million next year, compared to its projected income of $39.24 million for the current fiscal year, which ends June 30. The budget contains a $4.1-million general-fund reserve, the same as this year. The general fund includes money for basic city services, including police and fire protection.

The spending plan contains money for several new programs, including a computerized fingerprint system for the Police Department and the city's recently hired Sacramento lobbyist.

But the city cut $20,000 that was included in this year's budget for its Social Services Grant Program. Organizations assisting the handicapped, people with drug and alcohol problems and youths seeking jobs received funds this year under the program, said Jim Jarrett, director of community services. Funding for the grant program was tied to federal revenue-sharing funds, which the city will not receive this year.

Next year's budget anticipates $6,000 in revenue from increased fees for ambulance services. If approved by the City Council as scheduled by March, 1988, fees for a single ambulance trip would rise from $155 to $195.

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