Control Growth

Whether it be a City Council decision to lease developers public land (Mission Beach Park, for example), or Sandag voting for a Sheraton hotel at Torrey Pines Golf Course, or the school board attempt to "lease" taxpayer school sites, or the federal government telling local communities that an environmental impact report is not necessary at the site where a greedy group wishes to put a hazardous-waste test site on "pueblo lands"--San Diego needs growth control.

All concerned citizens must rise up, become more aware and active by notifying our elected officials at every level.

The adoption of an IDO (Interim Development Ordinance) will help. (I would prefer a moratorium on all building--residential, commercial and industrial--until a new growth management plan can be adopted). The City Council hearing on the IDO will be June 22. Write, attend--your opinion matters!


La Jolla

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