Voters League and Bergeson

In answer to Tom Alexander's letter (June 7) regarding SB 1517, Bolsa Chica and Sen. Marian Bergeson (R-Newport Beach), the League of Women Voters of Orange County would like to make one important correction.

The league, on any of its four levels of operation, does not "grade" senators, Assembly members, congressional representatives or any other lawmaker. Therefore, his statement about our action regarding Bergeson is inaccurate. The league has never, to my knowledge, made any statements regarding Bergeson's stance on county environmental quality.

On the contrary, Bergeson's stated position, in a letter to The Times on the same date, is in line with the league's position: "Support for the preservation of Bolsa Chica as an ecological preserve surrounded by open space to prevent further degradation of a unique coastal resource."

As to AB 1517, we are currently studying the senator's bill and will have comments regarding this legislation.

The league has always found the senator to be most cordial, cooperative and helpful.


President, League of Women Voters of Orange County San Juan Capistrano

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