L.A. Election Post-Mortems

Derek Shearer, in hailing the defeat of Councilwoman Pat Russell (Editorial Pages, June 5), celebrates the potential strength of neighborhood groups and condemns the pro-growth policies of the Bradley Administration. Shearer idealizes a linkage between the beach community of Venice, the United Neighborhood Organization of East Los Angeles, hillside groups on both sides of the Santa Monica Mountains, and those in South-Central Los Angeles who were opposed to the proposed trash-disposal project.

But in failing to articulate any positive community vision Shearer in reality echoes a prominent campaign slogan seen in Venice, "Support more beach parking, defeat Pat Russell."

It is an attitude opposing any intrusion "in my backyard." It is oblivious to any positive concept of government, the need for continual economic and job development, positive approaches to transportation management and affordable housing opportunities. With its condemnation of urban development it is not so much a linkage of neighborhoods as a linkage of small minds ranging from the attempted dismantlement of federal resources by Ronald Reagan to the negativism of Councilman Marvin Braude.

It is unclear whether Shearer's vision for Los Angeles is Cleveland or Carmel. But it is clearly a future that cannot accommodate the visions of most of the Los Angeles community.


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