Writers whose TV scripts this last season were notable for their "humanizing" values have been named as finalists for the 1987 Humanitas Prizes. A total of $70,000 will be awarded to the winners at a luncheon July 7, and the winning writers and clips from their shows will be featured the next morning on the "Today" show.

Nominated in the 90-minute or longer category (which carries a $25,000 prize) are: "Alex--The Life of a Child," written by Carol Evan McKeand and Nigel McKeand, about a family whose little daughter is dying of cystic fibrosis, aired on ABC; "Miles to Go," by Beverly Levitt and Stuart Fischoff, aired on CBS and about a woman and her family as she faces death from cancer; and "Promise," a "Hallmark Hall of Fame" on CBS, by Richard Friedenberg, Kenneth Blackwell and Tennyson Flowers, about a man who reluctantly keeps a promise to care for his emotionally troubled younger brother.

Selected in the 60-minute category (with a $15,000 prize) are: " 'A' My Name Is Alex," written for "Family Ties" by Gary Goldberg and Alan Uger; "A Room With a View," a "St. Elsewhere" episode by Channing Gibson, John Masius and Tom Fontana; and "Where There's Hope, There's Crosby," also seen on "St. Elsewhere," by Masius and Fontana.

The 30-minute category nominees are: "Jennie & Jason," by Bob Randall, for "Kate & Allie"; "The March," on "The Cosby Show," by Gary Kott; "My Back Pages," on "Family Ties," by Ruth Bennett. The winner will receive $10,000.

The nominees for non-prime time children's animated show ($10,000 prize) are Rowby Goren, Jay Berenstain and Stan Berenstain for an episode of "The Berenstain Bears Saturday Morning Show"; David Wiemers and Ken Koonce for a "Galaxy High" episode; John Loy and Alan Burnett for an episode of "Smurfs."

The non-prime time live action children's nominees are Melvin van Peebles for "CBS Schoolbreak Special: The Day They Came to Arrest the Book"; Jeanne Betancourt for "ABC Afterschool Special: Teen Father"; Paul W. Cooper for "CBS Schoolbreak Special: What If I'm Gay." The prize is $10,000.

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