"He loves her. She loves the white girl." So goes the provocative ad copy for "The White Girl," the first feature directed by Tony Brown--the host of the longest-running black public affairs show on TV, "Tony Brown's Journal."

To get this first feature off the ground, Brown said he deferred his producing/directing salaries. His production company, which does "Journal," came up with the "under $2-million" budget.)

Filming will begin in September at North Carolina's Duke University and other locations.

It's the story of Kim, the self-hating daughter of prosperous black parents who gets hooked on coke. Troy Beyer, who plays Diahann Carroll's "Dynasty" daughter, stars with Mario van Peebles.

Brown, who scripted, says the title has double-meaning. It's the street name for cocaine, but it's also how Kim sees herself.

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