Extremist Admits Gang’s Racial Attack

From Times Wire Services

The 18-year-old leader of a white supremacist gang has readily admitted that members of an underground branch of the organization terrorized a black woman.

Dave Mazzella of Mountain View, the national vice president of the Aryan Youth Movement-White Student Union, told the San Jose Mercury News that the four young men with shaved heads who confronted the woman Saturday were part of a new, “underground” chapter of his organization.

The 54-year-old woman told police she was walking her dog when the four youths grabbed her and tried to extort money from her. She quoted the boys as saying, “Niggers pay toll” and “We’re going to string you up in that tree.”


According to an article in the Mercury’s Wednesday editions, Mazzella said that while his group did not “mastermind” the attack, the four “acted on their own instincts, and we support them all the way.”

“Skinheads are our front-line warriors,” he said. “They roam the streets and do what’s necessary to protect the race.”

San Jose Deputy Police Chief Eusevio Hernandez said four detectives are assigned to the case.