Identity Problem May Take Toll on Bell's Bid

The University of Florida is promoting quarterback Kerwin Bell as a candidate for the Heisman Trophy with a slogan entitled "For Whom the Bell Tolls."

"For Whom the Bell Toils" might be more appropriate, given the odds against the Gators and the fifth-year senior.

Despite last season's 6-5 record, not to mention the National Collegiate Athletic Assn. sanctions that kept Bell's exposure to a minimum, school officials decided to invest $5,000 in the effort.

On a blue background inside a bell-shaped cutout, Bell is shown dashing to his right in search of a receiver. The poster was sent to 1,400 media representatives in July, and a packet went out last week containing Bell's statistics and testimonials.

Bell's statistics for three seasons put him with Steve Spurrier and John Reaves among the school's greatest quarterbacks--he has thrown for 47 touchdowns and 25 interceptions--but he has yet to play in a bowl game and the team is not projected as top-10 caliber.

Also, Bell and the Gators have to prove themselves this season with road games against Miami, Alabama, LSU and Auburn. Still, Bell likes his chances.

"I've always been an underdog," he said. "And I've always loved to come out and prove everybody wrong. It makes me work a lot harder."

And if that's not enough, there are always $5,000 worth of testimonials and posters.

The Soviet Union is trying to develop a baseball program that will make it competitive in world competition by the early 1990s.

That may turn out to be just another five-year plan. In two games against a visiting team from Nicaragua, the Soviets were humiliated. Then Monday, a team of Ukrainians played the Nicaraguans and managed to score two runs, "to the huge delight of some 4,000 spectators," according to Tass.

They fell a wee bit short, however, and lost, 30-2.

For Ron Jaworski, who landed a job Tuesday with the Miami Dolphins as a backup quarterback, less playing time could mean more in the long run.

As the Eagles' signal-caller last season, he was the most sacked quarterback in the league. The Dolphins' quarterback, however, was the least sacked in the National Football League.

Trivia Time: In 1979, Kansas City Royals outfielder Willie Wilson hit six home runs. What was unique about his accomplishment? (Answer below).

The Raiders, long known for their scouting expertise, have apparently used that talent in a more aesthetic manner.

Two Raider executives recently attended the Music Center's musical production of "She Loves Me," starring Pam Dawber and Joel Higgins.

The result?

Higgins is scheduled to sing the national anthem before Saturday's game against the Buffalo Bills.

Trivia answer: Wilson hit five of his six homers inside the park. Only his shot off the Milwaukee Brewers' Mike Caldwell June 15 cleared the fence.


Red Sox General Manager Lou Gorman on outfielder Dave Henderson's demand to be traded: "There have been a lot of talks in which Dave Henderson's name has come up. Unfortunately, I'm the only one who has ever brought it up."

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