Films going into production:CROCODILE DUNDEE II...

<i> Compiled by David Pecchia</i>

Films going into production:

CROCODILE DUNDEE II (Ironbark). Shooting in Australia and NYC. Paul Hogan and love interest Linda Kozlowski return to see what further misadventures ol’ Croc can get himself into. Producers John Cornell and Jane Scott. Director Cornell. Screenwriters Brett Hogan and Paul Hogan. Distributor Paramount. Summer release.

DEAD HEAT (New World). Shooting in S. Calif. Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams topline this story of a police detective who’s killed in the line of duty, then brought back to life for a 12-hour period in order to find his killer. Producers Michael Meltzer and David Helpern. Director Mark Goldblatt. Screenwriters Terry Black and Darren Starr.

FAREWELL TO THE KING (Ruddy/Morgan). Shooting in Borneo. Nick Nolte is the mysterious island king confronted by commando Nigel Havers in this World War II drama. Producers Albert S. Ruddy and Andre Morgan. Director/screenwriter John Milius. Also stars Marius Weyers. Distributor Orion.


GLITCH! (Glitch). Shooting in Greece. A group of criminals break into a movie producer’s mansion and inadvertently save said producer from being snuffed out by the mob. Producer/director Nico Mastorakis. Screenwriters Mastorakis and Kirk Ellis. Stars Will Egan and Steve Donmyer. Distributor Omega. Christmas release.

MOON OVER PARADOR (Universal). Shooting in Brazil. Comedy with Richard Dreyfuss portraying an actor who gets into some trouble with a dictator while in South America. Producer/director Paul Mazursky. Screenwriters Mazursky and Leon Capetanos. Also stars Sonia Braga and Raul Julia. Spring release.

PIN (Lance). Shooting in Montreal. Psychological thriller involving a young ventriloquist who’s not quite sure that his dummy’s entirely inanimate. Producers Rene Malo and Pierre David. Director/screenwriter Sandor Stern. Stars David Hewlett, Cyndy Preston, Terry O’Quinn, Bronwen Nantel and John Ferguson. Distributor New World. Spring release.

RIKKY & PETE (Cascade). Shooting in Australia. A comedy-adventure concerning a rebellious brother and sister who leave the city behind and head for the Australian Outback. Producers David Parker and Nadia Tass. Director Tass. Screenwriters Parker and Tass. Distributor MGM/UA Distribution Co.