The injustice of Proposition 13 has been compounded by the implementation of Proposition 60. Proposition 13 subsidized those who were fortunate enough to have purchased a home before 1975, through substantially lower property taxes. Proposition 60 will now allow those members of our society over 55 who have benefitted financially from Proposition 13 to sell their current homes, which have appreciated greatly, and still retain their property tax subsidy in a new home.

The individuals who benefit from Proposition 13, and now Proposition 60, are among the most financially secure in our state. How can we justify a de facto welfare program for the wealthiest members of our society? Would it be considered un-American to treat all homeowners equally?

However, if homeowners since 1975 deserve special financial consideration, then certainly those who have been renters since 1975 also deserve special financial consideration, since they have not benefitted from property appreciation or the subsidies of Proposition 13. Perhaps the state should purchase new condos for longtime renters? I'm sure the voters want to be fair.


Redondo Beach

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