Times Staff Writer

A “Max Headroom” installment cryptically titled “Blipverts,” a lavishly-costumed “Moonlighting” episode called “Atomic Shakespeare” with costumes by Robert Turturice and music specials featuring Diana Ross and Vladimir Horowitz were among the programs garnering multiple Emmys in the first round of the 39th annual Emmy Awards.

Also on the list of multiple Emmy winners were NBC’s miniseries “Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna--Part 1” and “The Two Mrs. Grenvilles,” ABC’s “Liberty Weekend-Closing Ceremonies,” the CBS special “Carnegie Hall: The Grand Reopening” and NBC’s disturbing drama about the effects of the defoliant Agent Orange, “Unnatural Causes.”

Most of the Emmys awarded in 39 categories Saturday night at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences were given for technical achievements in television production, including a special award to Joseph J. Sayovitz Jr. and Jay D. Sherbon of Spectra Image Inc. for developing the D220 Dual Headed Video Disc Player for editing applications.


Emmys in 31 other categories, as well as the Governors Award, will be presented Sunday at the 39th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, also taking place at the Pasadena Civic and televised by Fox Broadcasting Co. for the first time.

At the craft ceremonies Saturday, NBC led the pack with 16 Emmy awards. ABC was a close second with 15. PBS programs received eight. “Fame,” a syndicated program, garnered one.

PBS’ eight awards included two for best informational series: “Smithsonian World” and “American Masters: Unknown Chaplin.”

NBC took the award for outstanding children’s program with “Jim Henson’s The Story teller: Hans My Hedgehog.”

Although making no comment during his opening remarks about Fox Broadcasting’s controversial wresting of the 39th Emmy Awards telecast away from the other networks, academy president Richard Frank addressed the issue in a message in the Emmy Awards program. “In this instance, the message is more important than the medium,” he said. “If I may take the liberty of modifying a famous quote, ‘An industry divided cannot stand.’ ”

Here are Saturday’s winners.

Informational Series: Adrian Malone, David Grubin for “Smithsonian World,” PBS. Kevin Brownlow, David Gill for “American Masters: Unknown Chaplin,” PBS.

Children’s Program: “Jim Henson’s The Story Teller: Hans My Hedgehog,” NBC.

Engineering Development: Joseph J. Sayovitz Jr. and Jay D. Sherbon of Spectra Image Inc.

Music and Lyrics: Larry Grossman, Buz Kohan for “Liberty Weekend-Opening Ceremonies: Welcome To Liberty,” ABC.

Music Direction: Don Pippin, Eric Stern, Buster Davis, “Broadway Sings: The Music of Jule Styne” “Great Performances,” PBS.

Choreography: Dee Dee Wood, Michael Peters, “Liberty Weekend-Closing Ceremonies,” ABC.

Individual Achievement, Classical Music/Dance Programming: Albert Maysles and David Maysles, “Vladimir Horowitz: The Last Romantic,” PBS. Kirk Browning, “Goya With Placido Domingo,” “Great Performances,” PBS. Leonard Bernstein, “Carnegie Hall: The Grand Reopening,” CBS. Isaac Stern, “Carnegie Hall: The Grand Reopening,” CBS.

Classical Program, Performing Arts: Peter Gelb, Susan Froemke, Vladimir Horowitz, “Vladimir Horowitz: The Last Romantic,” PBS.

Sound Mixing, Variety or Music Series or Special: Roger Cortes, Ron Estes, Carroll Pratt, “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” NBC.

Costume Design, Variety Series or Music Program: Ray Aghayan, Ret Turner, “Diana Ross . . . Red Hot Rhythm and Blues,” ABC.

Art Direction, Variety or Music Program: Rene Lagler, “Liberty Weekend-Closing Ceremonies,” ABC.

Music Composition, Miniseries or Special: Laurence Rosenthal, “Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna--Part 1,” NBC.

Sound Mixing, Drama, Miniseries or Special: Joseph Citarella, Charles Grenzbach, David Lee, George R. West, “Unnatural Causes,” NBC.

Sound Editing, Miniseries or Special: Vince R. Gutierrez, William H. Angarola, Clark Conrad, Douglas Gray, Barbara Issak, Mace Matiosian, Anthony Mazzei, Michael Mitchell, Matthew Sawelson, Edward F. Suski, Jim Wolvington, John Johnson, Dan Carlin Sr., “Unnatural Causes,” NBC.

Makeup, Miniseries or Special: Del Acevedo, Eddie Knight, Alan Boyle, “The Last Days of Patton,” CBS.

Hairstyling, Miniseries or Special: Marsha Lewis, Mike Lockey, Sydney Guilaroff, “The Two Mrs. Grenvilles--Part 2,” NBC.

Costuming, Miniseries or Special: Frances Hays, “Independence,” NBC.

Costume Design, Miniseries or Special: Jane Robinson, “Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna--Part 1,” NBC.

Art Direction, Miniseries or Special: Malcolm Middleton, Herbert Westbrook, Harry Cordwell, “The Two Mrs. Grenvilles--Part 2,” NBC.

Lighting Direction (Electronic), Miniseries or Special: Greg Brunton, “Diana Ross . . . Red Hot Rhythm and Blues,” ABC.

Cinematography, Series: Woody Omens, “Heart of the City” pilot, ABC.

Editing, Miniseries or Special (Single Camera): Kris Trexler, “Happy Birthday, Hollywood,” ABC.

Individual Achievement, Informational Programming: Robert McCrum, Robert MacNeil, “The Story of English, A Muse of Fire,” PBS.

Informational Special: Jac Venza, Judy Kinberg, “Dance in America: Agnes, the Indomitable De Mille,” PBS.

Music Composition, Series: Joel Rosenbaum, “Knots Landing: Cement the Relationship,” CBS.

Sound Mixing, Comedy Series or Special: Michael Ballin, Bob Douglas, Doug Grey, Tom Huth, “Cheers: The Proposal,” NBC.

Sound Mixing, Drama Series: Gary Alexander, Joseph Kenworthy, Tim Philben, R. William A. Thiederman, “Max Headroom: Blipverts,” ABC.

Sound Editing, Series: Richard G. Corwin, Douglas H. Grindstaff, Clark Conrad, Brad Sherman, Richard Taylor, James Wolvington, Richard G. Corwin, Dick Bernstein, “Max Headroom: Blipverts,” ABC.

Lighting Direction (Electronic), Series: George Spiro Dibie, “Growing Pains: My Brother, Myself,” ABC.

Technical Direction/Electronic Camerawork/Video Control, Series (Single Camera): Roger Bondelli, Neil Mandelberg, “Moonlighting: Atomic Shakespeare,” ABC.

Editing, Series (Multi-camera): Jerry Davis, “Night Court: Her Honor--Part 1,” NBC.

Hairstyling, Series: Kathryn Blondell, Josee Normand, “Moonlighting: Atomic Shakespeare,” ABC.

Makeup, Series: Michael Westmore, Mark Bussan, Charles House, Zoltan Elek, Fred Blau Jr., “Amazing Stories: Without Diana,” NBC.

Costuming, Series: Nanrose Buchman, “Fame: All Talking, All Singing, All Dancing,” synd.

Costume Design, Series: Robert Turturice, “Moonlighting: Atomic Shakespeare,” ABC.

Art Direction, Series: Jeffrey L. Goldstein, Richard D. Kent, “L.A. Law” pilot, NBC. Richard B. Lewis, Bernard P. Cutler, Leslie Frankenheimer, “Max Headroom: Blipverts,” ABC.

Graphics and Title Design: Wayne Fitzgerald, David Pfeil, “The Bronx Zoo,” NBC. Sandy Dvore, “A Carol Burnett Special . . . Carol, Carl, Whoopi & Robin,” ABC.