Local News in Brief : Bank Robberies Admitted


A Glendale man pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to armed bank robberies in San Dimas and Las Vegas, admitting that he is one of two “Marx Brothers Bandits” who robbed a string of banks wearing mustaches, spectacles and curly wigs.

Lawrence Edward Lockridge, 57, was arrested in Las Vegas on March 17, minutes after robbing Nevada Savings & Loan of $4,002 and forcing the bank manager to drive his getaway car.

Lockridge pleaded guilty to that heist and to another armed robbery of $91,917 from Central Savings Bank in San Dimas on Dec. 9, 1986.


His brother, Roger Allen Lockridge, 53, of Glendale also has admitted to the Central Savings robbery and to taking $13,594 from Quaker City Savings & Loan in Fullerton on Oct. 6, 1986.

U.S. District Judge Ferdinand Fernandez, who sentenced Roger Lockridge to 18 years in prison in June, set the elder brother’s sentencing for Dec. 21.