Name That Host

Richard Dawson just can't seem to get game shows out of his system. This despite a slew of rave reviews for his portrayal of odious game-show host Damon Killian in the futuristic film "The Running Man," which is about a life-or-death game show.

Those reviews ("A smarmy good job" from the Her-Ex's Peter Rainer; "Brightest element" from Daily Variety's Larry Cohen; "His performance is fascinating" from Roger Ebert) got Outtakes to thinking Dawson might be embarking on a whole new career. Well, not so new--considering he got his start doing rep theater in England at age 18.

But turns out the former "Family Feud" smoocher (nine years as the emcee) isn't interested in more acting gigs. The reason: He's got another game show coming. His company is producing. This according to his personal manager--who wouldn't reveal details.

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