School Bible Study ‘Isn’t Appropriate’

I write to comment on Assistant Supt. Ed Eveland’s position in “Protest Prompts Millikan High School Official to Cancel Charter of Campus Bible Study Group” (Southeast/Long Beach sections, Nov. 26). Eveland is quoted as saying: “Sometimes we’re put in a position where we’d like to support something because their goals are healthy, but it’s against the law.”

I would suggest that on-campus Bible study is not proper and the goals of such groups not healthy.

It has been my experience that groups such as the Bible Study Group are in reality fundamentalist missionary groups whose concept of study is really one-sided indoctrination of students who have neither the critical thinking skills nor specific historical or biblical knowledge to refute or question what is being told them.

An on-campus Bible study group, outside of comparative religion or literature classes, is unhealthy, as it fosters belief in supernaturalism and teaches that human beings are incapable of solving their own problems. It flies in the face of everything modern science, history and logic tell us.


The best place for Bible study and proselytizing is some place other than the campuses of our public schools.


Long Beach