The Milwaukee Bucks have settled their dispute...

The Milwaukee Bucks have settled their dispute with former Coach Don Nelson and his new team, the Golden State Warriors, after obtaining a draft pick from the Warriors.

The Bucks, in releasing Nelson from any contractual obligations, also issued a statement that included an apology from Nelson for his publicized feud with owner Herb Kohl of the Bucks.

Kohl said “both the draft choice and the apology” were key to the compensation settlement.

But the San Francisco Chronicle, quoting unidentified sources in Milwaukee, reported Wednesday that the statements attributed to Nelson in the Bucks news release were not spoken by Nelson but were written by Kohl and only agreed to by Nelson.


Earlier this year, Nelson resigned from the Bucks with two years left on his contract to become part-owner of Golden State. His contract with the Bucks contained a “no-compete” clause that prohibited him from coaching or being involved with player personnel duties should he join another team.

The Bucks insisted that this clause would be dropped only if they received compensation from Golden State. In the statement from Kohl, the team announced that it had received a second round draft choice in 1988 from the Warriors.