Fishing Notebook : ’88 Licenses Are a Must as of Friday; Angling Still Solid

Anglers are reminded that new licenses must be in their possession starting Friday. The state Fish and Game regulation requires fishermen to have a valid license Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

The exceptions are public piers and youths under 16.

The 1988-89 California Sportfishing Regulation booklets are expected to be available at South Bay landings and tackle outlets in mid-February.

South Bay Catches: Jay Minnic of Redondo Beach, fishing at Santa Barbara Island on the Blackjack, won the jackpot with a 20-pound sheepshead that had taken his squid on the way to the bottom.


Nguyen Troc of West Los Angeles, fishing for rock cod on the Betty O in the Santa Monica Bay short bank, won the jackpot with a 14-pound lingcod.

Tosh Okamoto, fishing on the Victory at horseshoe kelp, caught a 11 3/4-pound halibut to reward the Long Beach angler with the catch of the day.

Jim Haggard of Torrance, fishing on the half-day boat City of Redondo at the shallow rock cod bank, won the jackpot with a 15-pound lingcod.

Clint Gately of San Pedro, on a company charter aboard the Reel Special, won the jackpot with a 10 1/2-pound halibut. The fish became unhooked but was gaffed to save the jackpot for Gately.


Ron McQueen of San Pedro, fishing aboard the half-day boat Sea Spray, won the jackpot with his 11-pound, 4-ounce halibut.

Freshwater Notes: Joe Vancleave of Long Beach, fishing Santa Ana River Lake, casting a super-duper lure with a two-pound test line, caught a 16 1/2-pound rainbow trout.

At the shore of Santa Ana Lake, Jim and Julie Norris of Hawthorne caught seven trout that checked in at 31 pounds, 8 ounces.

Fish Report: You don’t need to check the Farmers Almanac. The ocean temperature remains a steady 58 degrees and fishing continues to be good with increased catches of sheepshead, rock cod and bull bass with live squid for bait.


Only the decline in bonito catches have been noted because of recent storms.

At Redondo Sportfishing, the City of Redondo on its morning run Tuesday fishing the rocky point area chalked up 155 blue perch, 71 rock fish, 12 sand bass and 2 big sheepshead.

The Blackjack with 40 anglers connected with 133 sheepshead going to 20 pounds, plus 200 rock cod and 18 bull bass.

The Sharpshooter, with 17 anglers on its 3/4-day run, caught 51 sand bass, 9 sheepshead, 29 sculpin and 2 bonito.


At the 22nd Street Landing, the Freedom fished the backside of Catalina Island and scored with 89 calico bass to six pounds, 160 blue perch and 20 rock fish.

At L. A. Sportfishing at Ports O’ Call, the Matt Walsh half-day trip to the horseshoe and Marineland area rewarded 33 anglers with 65 sculpin, 38 sand bass, 24 sheepshead going six to eight pounds and 4 halibut to 10 pounds.

On the Outerlimits, squid paid off anglers with 220 bass and 55 sheepshead fishing San Clemente Island.

The Shogun fished the east end of Catalina and chalked up 155 bass and 49 big sheepshead.


The Grande fished Catalina and caught 191 blue perch, 51 bass, 60 rock cod and 32 sheepshead.

At Long Beach Sportfishing, the Victory, fishing the palms area, filled anglers’ sacks with 29 bass, 22 bonito, 33 sheepshead, 31 sculpin and one halibut. One big white sea bass was hooked but broke the tackle.

The Sea Spray, on its morning trip, fished the rock pile and 20 anglers caught 38 rock cod, 30 whitefish and 35 bonito.