Lost ‘Giselle’

I had long been looking forward to the “Creole Giselle” on KNBC last Sunday. And I have been reading and hearing about it for weeks.

So what happened when I set up my VCR a little before 1 p.m. and sat back to enjoy? Another stupid pro football game! I quickly double-checked Lewis Segal’s review in Saturday--yes, 1 p.m. Then I went to The Times’ Television Times--1 p.m. Well, perhaps The Times had really boo-booed. So I double-checked in the Orange County Register--1 p.m. Finally, I checked the local cable TV guide.

Now I can understand one newspaper’s mistaking the time. But three?

Doesn’t AT&T; feel somewhat disturbed about how many people in Los Angeles and Orange counties (just the people it is trying to reach) didn’t hear its message Sunday afternoon? I suggest it try to get its money back or pressure NBC to reshow the program, with appropriate publicity so we can know when it’s coming.


I just want to see the Dance Theatre of Harlem’s “Giselle,” and I’ll gladly listen to AT&T;'s commercials.